About Strictly Olive Oil


Strictly Olive Oil was founded in 1985 by Betty Pustarfi. As a retailer, Betty sought a better way to educate customers about quality grades and flavors of olive oil. This led her to introduce the concept of oil tasting “bars” where customers could compare oils from regions around the world. This consumer experience, used extensively today, resulted in an increased sales of high quality olive oils.

In June 2006 Betty sold Strictly Olive Oil to Nancy Ash. Nancy, who has an extensive background in specialty food sales and marketing, has continued with Betty’s ground-breaking work in olive oil education.

Nancy Ash has been an advocate for California’s olive oil industry since 1996, when she began working with a handful of producers during the early years of this industry’s renaissance.  As an original member of the California Olive Oil Council Taste Panel, Nancy has 20 year’s experience assessing olive oil, and in December 2005 she received certification as a Taste Panel Supervisor from the Organizzazione Nazoinale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva in Imperia, Italy.  She is the Deputy Taste Panel Leader for the California Olive Oil Council, and was the 2011 recipient of the coveted C.O.O.C. Pioneer Award. Nancy also serves on Modern Olives California Taste Panel, and assesses oil for AG Biolab.